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Silke Smiles Dental Lab partners with local Dentists to provide our community with excellent dental solutions.

With dedication, commitment and expertise, Silke Smiles is striving to deliver perfect smiles and highly aesthetic dental restorations.

Every patient, every smile is unique and personal care for the individual treatment plan is at the core of our mission.


About Silke

Silke White

Silke received her education in Dental Technology in her native Germany, were she studied all aspects of dental rehabilitation.

After graduation, she worked for a prominent Lab group as well as an in-house technician in a private practice. After several years of working in the lab, Silke joined a dental manufacturing company based in the Netherlands where she helped develop and introduce new ceramic products to technicians across Germany.

In 2002 Silke moved to San Diego and joined a mid-size Dental Lab in a managerial position as senior master technician.

Silke dreamed of following her own vision and founded Silke Smiles in 2008.

Working in close collaboration with teamwork-oriented dentists allows her to fabricate the best possible outcome for each and every patient.

“I am enjoying my work immensely. Each smile, each patient, each dentist is different. That keeps me challenged and motivated. And, the new technology that is now supporting our profession adds exciting possibilities for this field.”

Silke is a passionate traveler and has enjoyed visiting many places and cultures around the globe. She has volunteered with Thousand Smiles in Ensenada and at the UCSD Free Dental Clinic. In her spare time, Silke enjoys the wonderful weather and outdoor activities in and around San Diego.


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Smile and the world smiles with you.

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